The kayak4all club Zevulun, a Sea kayak club (registered non-profit organization), has been working over the years to increase awareness of preserving the values of the marine environment (sea and beach).
Since 2005, club members - disabled and healthy, women and men, children and adults - have been striving to carry out ongoing activities on a subject that combines students, cadets, authorities, organizations and citizens who wish to contribute to and influence the subject.

As part of the ongoing activities throughout the year, workshops and information campaigns are being held in schools and in the educational system, meetings with citizens on beaches designed to increase public awareness of the failures related to pollution of the sea by bodies and authorities.

The climax of the annual activity is focused on the "Clean Sea Kayaking" week, which calls on the public to join efforts to preserve the clean marine environment and to keep the beach and the sea as vital natural values.

The Journey: A Kayaking week along the Mediterranean Israeli coast













For establishing the message.
The animation is work by the animator Yoni Goodman, one of the creators of the film "Waltz with Bashir" with the help of the director - Ari Folman.
The video is used in an information kiosk produced by the Association for Awareness of the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Beach. Prof. Ami Derech and Dov Gonshora of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design worked on the design and creation of the kiosk, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.